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Seriously! I mean I loved Hopper equally if not more as each season coque jungkook iphone 6 has progressed, but people have been acting like he was some calm, rational saint in season supreme air jordan l1856 coque samsung galaxy s9 1 and now he’s some totally out of character alcoholic asshole and I don’t get it at all!! If anything, he’s more dedicated to protecting Eleven, Joyce and the others more than ever.The bickering between him and Joyce was mutual if you ask me telephone coque huawei and as coque iphone 7 deux etoiles 703antenpascher759 someone who has experienced oakland raiders w3383 coque iphone 7 iphone 8 1coques8samsung12247 flirting like that first hand, it DEFINITELY read as comedic foreplay to me. I get some people rick and morty ufo coque 3d iphone xs just can’t handle any amount of negativity in romantic pairings these days and that champion black many coque 3d iphone xr yeah, stranger things coque iphone 6 maybe that type of foreplay isn’t the healthiest, but cmon, they CLEARLY man utd o0462 coque samsung galaxy s9 were engaging in it equally and they both still clearly seemed to be battling abstract sunset colour coque 3d iphone xr sexual tension while staying by each others sides as partners because ultimately they obviously care for each other deeply.Even after being stood up (which I’m sorry, WAS rude coque clavier iphone 6 even if she wasn’t ready for a date because she agreed to it, he clearly cares for her and she’s supposedly his friend) he still chased after her no questions asked, broke into the lab, talked about how important protecting her was to him and then got fast food pizza box coque clear iphone x his ass beat in the process lol. I’m so confused because I felt like his character development has made perfect sense from season 1 to season 3, but I guess we’re in the minority for some reason. At least we can all agree the only solution is to see where his character goes in marble mix 002 coque 3d iphone x season 4 when absolutely WILL return!!I read an interview with David Harbour somewhere where he specifically addressed the difference in his character in zodiac sagittarius 002 coque 3d iphone xr season 3 and chalked it up to exactly what you guys mentioned. For one, he’s dealing with the threat of losing a daughter for the second time, one who JUST came into his life and rescued him in a way. Secondly, he’s obviously pretty attached to Joyce at this point (history plus MAD shared trauma) and he’s also struggling with the idea of Joyce moving away. All on top of the normal PTSD you’d except from living coque iphone 7 guadeloupe 703antenpascher1473 through the insanity of S1/S2 (which is touched on when he mentions almost shooting a dog thinking it was a demodog).For me, the most interesting part was that he stressed that the weight gain was intentional to show that he had been trying to replace his former addictions (alcohol and pills) mostly with food in an attempt to try and be a better dad to Eleven. I kind of assumed it was just the result of David most likely still eating a high calorie diet like the one he would’ve been on for Hellboy training without the constant working out required before filming.Ok that makes a lot of sense. I’m totally happy with where it went, and beyond the comment on heteronormative relationships, I also kind of thought it was nba orleans pelicans coque huawei y5 swag blue coque 3d iphone xs max an interesting take on the “opposites attract” trope. Steve even says “shes not my type at all, she’s hyper.” and goes on about her nerdiness, which of course is highlighting a character flaw of his that he’s meant to overcome through coque iphone 7 harry potter silicone 628antenpascher653 their friendship, but I feel like that last scene even emphasizes the point that even if she coque iphone 7 raiponce 628antenpascher1363 were straight, their natural interests are probably way too out of line to actually have a strong enduring romantic connection. The Duffers usually coque iphone 7 rigide 703antenpascher65 lean into tropes in a unique and stylized fashion, they don’t really do sudden twists meant solely to subvert expectations, so I found her coming out to rick the shadow of science p1937 coque samsung galaxy s9 just kind of be out of character of the show (Again I swear I loved Robin, hope to see more of her, LOVE the friendship and where everything landed. My only point was that that article kind of confirmed my suspicion that it was a sudden left turn in the writing of the show since they were clearly building it up as a romantic pairing early on in the writing)..