Revelead with the Latest Information

It is not often that we get to hear so much about an upcoming phone from the company itself but it coque iphone 4 s kawaii looks like Samsung wants to stay one step ahead of us by giving us the info that we need instead of us finding everything out through the help of leaks, renders and other info that we may get online.

Recently Samsung may have gone through a rough patch with information about upcoming phones being leaked out through coque iphone newarrival various sources so this may justify their move of putting up the specs for A6 and A6+ on their own.

Today we will be mostly focusing on the specs, discussing them, and also on the possible release date of these two phones. The Galaxy A series is by far a very good mid range of phones that offer affordable quality for people that do not have the amount of coque iphone 4s pink floyd money needed to dish out on a high end phone but still want to be satisfied with the things that they are getting for their money.

The coque iphone 5 karting Displays

It looks we will be seeing Infinity displays coming up for both of these phones. The only difference between the two is perhaps the fact that the screens are different in size and that the resolution does vary between the two. Now, in order to be more exact, we want to say that the A6 is going to come with a 5.6 inch screen and a resolution of 1480 x 720 when the A6+ is going to have a bigger screen, 6 inches in fact, and it will also have better resolution of 2200 x 1080.

The cameras

This is perhaps the most important thing coques personnalisees iphone 6 6s that people look for, right coque samsung j5 2017 foot france after coque samsung j5 etui 2017 the size of the screen and maybe the battery. And it looks like Samsung has not failed us in this department either. coque iphone 4 hologramme Samsung Galaxy A6 is the weaker one out of the two, though not by a lot, coming with a 16MP camera on the back and a 16MP camera on the front. If this will not allow you to take very beautiful selfies then we do not know what will.

Now Samsung Galaxy A6+, on the other hand, will come with dual cameras on the back, one being 16MP and the second one being 5MP. On the front, coque iphone 5c fluorescente it will have a 24MP camera. It looks like it is only getting better and better and we cannot wait to get our hands on an A6+ and snap a couple of pictures just to see how good they look like.

RAM and internal storage

Samsung Galaxy A6 is going to come with 3GB of RAM and an internal memory of up to 256GB. The A6+ will have 4GB of RAM and internal storage up to 400GB. The amount of RAM coque iphone 7 8 plus that a phone has are never an indicator of the smartphone performance but it is nice to see coque iphone 5 l’atelier de roxane that Samsung is planning on offering more for Samsung Galaxy A6+.

If you ask us, both phones have coque iphone 4s adulte a lot of internal storage. bumper coque iphone 5 We believe that they are both good enough for you to store all your pictures, all your favorite songs, even whole season of your favorite show if you feel so inclined and still have a lot of room for your documents, for your must have apps and even for those gaming apps that you spend a lot of time on either at home or when you are out and about and feeling bored.

If this is still not enough space for you then you can always set up a storage drive account so you get even more room for whatever you need to coque iphone 4 banane have on hand. The options are endless.

The battery

Since now almost everyone has one power bank or two at home, it seems that choosing a phone solely based on the battery has become a bit redundant. Regardless, it is always nice to see that a phone battery can get you through the day while you are constantly using it. We believe that Samsung Galaxy A6 and A6+ will not fail to disappoint in this department. A6 is going to come with a 3,000mAh battery whereas the A6+ will come with a 3,500mAh battery. We want to mention that both of those phones are going to come with fingerprint sensors that will be present on the back end of the phone. Moreover, they will also both have Bixby Home, octa core processors (but we do not yet know which processors).

Release date

Sadly, we have not heard a lot from Samsung regarding this. From what we know, the phones are already coque iphone 5 available on the company official website which means coque samsung j5 minion that it will not be long until we will get to hear about the release date. Now, when it comes to its availability, we will probably find these phones on the market in Europe, in Russia and most certainly in the Middle coque iphone 6 East. We are waiting to coque princesse disney samsung j5 2017 hear from Samsung about other areas.

The price

Now, the most awaited coque samsung j5 2016 disney animaux topic coque samsung j4 plus emoji when it comes to the discussion of any phone: the price. Sadly, this is the only place where we have come up empty handed since there is no information out there indicating how coque iphone 5 girondins de bordeaux much will these two phones cost but we can expect to hear about this very soon…