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Which is better, Polar Watch M400 or Fitbit Surge Nathanael Rubin February 15, coque iphone 6 thrasher 2016 Gadgets Comments coque iphone 5s payette Off on Which is better, Polar Watch M400 or Fitbit coque iphone 5s dybala Surge

Fitness watches are super handy if you enjoy exercising. Most of them have plenty of functionality for all coque samsung j5 kinds of exercises, but here we’ll take a look at two of coque samsung s7 the top models out there, the Polar M400 and the Fitbit Surge. We’ll run through the pros and cons below so you can figure out which one is best for you.

Polar M400The Polar M400 is not just a steps based fitness watch, especially if you have it hooked up to a heart rate monitor. The M400 is an aggregate barometer of your activities that measures your performance based on your daily goal. So if you’re power lifting for example, coque iphone 5s stussy you can still get precise coque huawei mate measurements of your progress even though you’re standing in one spot that compare to your projected goal. coque iphone 5s bords arrondis It has preset modes that are programmed to recognize specific movements, such as crossfit mode or cycling mode.

With the M400, you’re pretty much limited to using their proprietary lamborghini coque iphone 6 software. The main menu of the Polar app includes a summary of the total coque iphone 6s perpignan amount of time you slept, sat, walked, stood or ran for. The M400 charges with any standard micro coque iphone 6 plus avec oreille USB cable, which is very convenient. Most competitors coque iphone 6s monster use a proprietary charger that if you lose can be difficult to replace.

The battery on the M400 is pretty good and should last around 12 days with daily use of features. It’s water resistant, so you can wear it in the shower or rain. The Polar M400 comes in black, white, pink and blue. At around $115, it’s about $65 cheaper than the Fitbit Surge.

ProsMeasures much more than just your stepsComfortable strap doesn’t restrict wrist movementPreset workout settings are accurate and convenientSoftware includes a comprehensive summary of all activityConsThe alarm is just a beep, not vibrationIt has no standard stopwatchCan’t really wear it with a long sleeve because the face to too bulky Check Current Price on AmazonFitbit SurgeThe Fitbit Surge has some coque iphone 6 faconnable really great features, but does lack some key functions that should really have been included considering its price tag. coque iphone 6 branché Some of its nifty features include music playback controls, a highly accurate GPS and it can monitor your stats during a wide variety of activities, except for cycling. Unfortunately there is no biking setting, but you can still set it to running mode and benefit from some of the data you’ll receive. Unfortunately, coque iphone 6 pimkie there’s coque iphone 6 plus ete no home screen. If you accidentally brush against the touch screen with your other arm, you need to wait for it to automatically revert back to the clock screen. This means sometimes the display won’t show the clock. When that happens, there’s nothing you can do but wait. So it doesn’t coque samsung note exactly replace a normal watch for this reason.

The Surge has a vibrating alarm, a nice feature that the Polar M400 lacks. Sleep tracking on the Surge is nothing impressive, but shows enough data to give you an idea of how well you’re sleeping at night. The Fitbit app is fairly similar to the Polar app in terms of what data it displays.

The Surge only accepts phone call notifications and texts, nothing else. Emails and other data based notifications will have to be checked on your phone. It’s water resistant up coque iphone 5s converse to 50 meters, but doesn’t include setting for swimming. Its battery life lasts for 5 7 days with normal use, significantly less than the M400. It comes in black and costs around $180.

ProsWaterproof up to 50mHas a touch screenHighly accurate GPSIncludes a silent vibrating alarmHas a more attractive appearance than the Polar M400ConsDisplays limited notificationsDoesn’t include a cycling settingLacks a home screenCosts $50 more than the Polar M400Can’t be worn with a long sleeve shirt either Check Current Price on Amazon

Compared head to head, it seems that the Polar M400 is a better deal for the money. Unless you just really want a touch screen or just prefer the look and feel of the Surge, it doesn’t make much sense to invest coque iphone 5c a l’aise breizh another $50 when the M400 coque iphone 6 boutique is just as good. If money isn’t an issue, then either one of these watches should satisfy your needs, unless of course you are into biking. For cyclists, coque huawei p30 the Polar is the clear winner.

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