Designer Anwar Bougroug on ‘Connection

Somerset Moroccan Norwegian designer Anwar Bougroug is passionate about connections with his roots, building a tolerant and open minded community, and exquisite Moroccan craftsmanship.

The designer, whose fashion coque iphone 5s avec vitre house Bougroug continues to hit headlines coque iphone 6 tattoo with its fascinating take coque iphone 5s signe infini on the future of fashion, appeared coque iphone 5s puro on the Forbes 2020 Africa 30 Under 30 to watch list. An up and coming, groundbreaking talent, Anwar is not coque samsung note afraid of breaking down barriers and sees the world with coque iphone 5c trompe l’oeil unique vision.

“My brand is my dream world,” he told Morocco World News, breaking into an infectiously sweet and genuine smile. On a Zoom call from Oslo, the young designer shared his connection and love for coque iphone 5s rakuten Morocco with MWN.

“I used coque iphone 6 kimoji to travel every summer to Tangier with my family,” he began, shyly. Overtaken by his own enthusiasm, Anwar explained how he fell in love with Moroccan coque huawei mate craftsmanship.

“We used to create things for weddings, for our house, so I was already in this craft world where everything was possible.”

Passionate about creativity from an early age, he recalled that he spent his childhood summers sewing. “We were creating caftans for my mom and my sister, suits for us, jellabas, everything!”

“We could decide how it was supposed to look and also the fit which was amazing it was kind of like this whole concept of creating things. It took more time, it was more expensive but what you end up with was something you have forever,” he said.

“I knew I needed to tap into that because that’s exactly what I wanted my brand to represent,” Anwar explained earnestly.

The Moroccan Norwegian designer is self taught and learned to sew from watching YouTube videos, though he did later attend design school in Stockholm.

“I have a younger sister and I used to sew garments, I learned on youtube, and I used to make things and then I used to force her to be the model and we would recreate Vogue covers,” he laughed.

‘Every item has a story’Anwar’s eyes danced as he described the coque iphone 6 animal crossing feeling of taking a two dimensional fabric through the journey to becoming three dimensional and living as a garment.

Bougroug clothes are unisex. Photo credit: Beste Zeybel for BougrougAfter developing his design skills and impressive eye for minimalist fashion in Scandinavia, Anwar returned to Morocco to launch his own fashion brand in 2016.

Simply named Bougroug, the fashion house promotes a gender fluid aesthetic that blends the “Bohemian” spirit of Morocco with the straight lines and clear cut clarity of Scandinavian fashion. Bougroug lovingly crafts unique leather bags, clothing, jewelry, and home decor.

Anwar’s love for design is not limited to clothes, and Bougroug’s lovingly crafted unique leather bags, jewelry, and home decor. He explained to MWN that he hopes to add Moroccan thuya wood and ceramics to the Bougroug collection soon.

Bougroug has been an indisputable success and now boasts a main office in Stockholm and a production office coque iphone 6 jack in Marrakech, where Anwar connects with traditional Moroccan artisans to craft his unique pieces.

“Our bags are handmade, they’re not perfect, they’re full of mistakes and this coque samsung j5 is something we are proud of because they’re made by real people, and sometimes just by one person.” Anwar’s pride in his workforce and their incredible talent echoed in his voice as coque iphone 6 tout terrain he described Bougroug’s artisans.

“These people are super skilled and [the bags] are not going to be coque iphone 5s disney swag identical, like what we’re used to in a highstreet store, so it’s about educating customers and helping them understand you’re not just tapping a button and coque iphone 6 plus barca getting a product, it’s a process.”

“Every item has a story,” he emphasized.

Brimming with excitement, Anwar told MWN about one of coque iphone 5s gifi the weavers he works with, a talented woman named Rachida. “A new line of scarves is coming up and I want her to be part of the process as an artist.”

Bougroug is about people connecting with their craft, but it is also a fashion house with a conscience.

A focus on sustainability”Sustainability is everything,” Anwar enthused, explaining the role the Moroccan artisan community plays in Bougroug.

Bougroug hand stitches its leather bags. Photo credit: Beste Zeybel for Bougroug”We want to create with a purpose, we coque iphone 5c imitation 5s don’t want to create things for Instagram, we don’t create for single use, we want our pieces to have a very long life cycle,” six coque iphone 5c he emphasized.

“We use a lot of leftover fabrics from other productions and we give them life, we work a lot with bespoke and made to measure, so we really try to tap into where things are made slower and where the customer will appreciate what they coque iphone 5c supernatural get in their hands.”

Anwar’s expression became serious and stern as he talked about the impacts the COVID 19 pandemic will have on fashion. The pandemic has made the trend for “disposable fashion” feel “quite obsolete,” he explained.

“It feels superficial the way we consume and the way we wear things, and I think we’re going to go back to really appreciating handmade stuff and more unique items.”

The fashion industry is “not based on sustainability, because it’s based on creating needs that aren’t there in the beginning,” he mused. “So you’re coque samsung s7 seeing a bag and you want it because you like it, but you don’t need it.”

“As a brand it is our responsibility to at least, even though we talk about desire and fantasy and storytelling, it’s “about making sure each item is made coque huawei p30 in a responsible, holistic way,” Anwar said seriously.

Read also: How Young Moroccans Are Leading the Fight Against COVID 19Deep concern filled the young designer’s usually vivacious expression as he talked about the impact of COVID 19 on Moroccan artisans, particularly those who work with Bougroug.

“A lot of them have reached out and said if you have any work for us now is the time,” he said, looking away from the Zoom camera…