How to keep your iPhone usage under control with Screen Time

With Screen Time for iOS, you can get a better understanding of the amount of time you’re spending each day using apps, visiting websites, and more on your devices. Here’s a look at how to use it and why it could become beneficial in your life.

Keep your iPhone usage under controlThe Screen coque huawei pro Time tool allows you to keep track of the amount of time you spend on your devices each day. You test coque iphone 6 spigen can also use the tool to track your kids’ time online.

On the main Screen Time page, you’ll notice three main sections. In the first, you’ll see a chart showing the amount of time you’ve spent on fichier stl coque iphone 6 your device today and how. The second section includes tools you can use to customize and restrict your device usage. The final section is where you will find monitoring tools for your kids’ devices.

Let’s take a look at coque samsung a50 each of those sections.

The Screen Time ChartThe chart on the Screen Time page offers a breakdown of how much time you’ve spent on all of your iOS coque iphone 6s silicone ebay device where the tool has been activated.

As you can see in the example below, iPhone usage across all devices today totaled one coque iphone 7 mickey fuck hour and 53 minutes. For the week, Screen Time totaled seven hours, 38 minutes. At the bottom, you can see a breakdown of coque samsung s7 the time spent coque samsung j6 by category.

The most used categories apps or websites were Settings, Safari, and the LongScreen app.

Meanwhile, pickups totaled 16 per hour, or 194 during the day, while notifications numbered 752, or around 63 per hour. (Yes, this is coque iphone 6 s homme a lot of iPhone usage.)

Customization and RestrictionsOn the next section of the Screen Time page, you’ll see four settings: Downtime, App Limits, Always Allowed, and Content Privacy Restrictions.

DowntimeDuring Downtime, calls, messages, and other apps you want to allow can still be used. Everything else, including notifications, will be turned off. Ideally, think of your Downtime schedule as the time you plan on coque iphone 7 rct being in bed each night.

1) Click Downtime coque iphone 6s livraison gratuite and then toggle to the On position.

2) Once you activate Downtime, you’ll be asked to create a Start coque iphone 6 brest and End time.

App LimitsNext, you’ll see difference coque iphone 7 et 8 the App Limits page. From here, you can set daily time limits for apps and categories you coque iphone 8 la fnac want to manage. After the limit has been reached, your permission will coque autres galaxy samsung be required to allow more time.

1) To get started, tap App Limits from the main Screen Time page. Next, select Add Limit.

2) On the next screen, you can decide to select limits for All Apps Categories or individual categories. Once you make your selection, click Add at the top right of the screen.

In the example above, the Entertainment and Social Networking categories are limited to two hours of use per day.

3) Click Customize Days to make the limits vary by day.

Always AllowedUnder Always Allow, you’ll coque iphone 7 qui ne jaunit pas find a list of the apps that you want available even during coque iphone 6 qui charge Downtime. By default, the allowed apps are Phone, Messages, and FaceTime.

1) Click on the + or next to the app to add and remove, respectively.

In the above example, the apps 1Blocker and Activity were added to coque iphone 6 transparente rabattable Allowed Apps while FaceTime was deleted.

Content Privacy RestrictionsFinally, you’ll see the Content Privacy area. In this section, you can restrict explicit and mature content in the iTunes and App Stores, Music, and websites.

One final noteObviously, you don’t have to use Screen Time. Nonetheless, it’s an eye opening experience coque iphone 6s tete de mort that might make you think twice before picking up your iPhone yet again today. Seeing your iPhone usage each day might be just enough of a push for you to consider cutting back. And isn’t coque iphone 7 plus that’s the point coque iphone 6 marante..