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Frontliners have been crucial in defending our nation.

Whether they’re coque surakey iphone 6 bravely dashing towards coque 3d huawei y5 2018 the heart of the flames to rescue our vulnerable, coordinating a coque femme huawei p8 lite 2017 response effort in the aftermath of a car accident, or securing our borders, Home Team SAF have been hard at work protecting citizens on a day to day basis.

But the risks our coque papillon huawei p10 lite everyday heroes undertake coque 360 huawei p8 daily, may inevitably take a toll on their loved ones, who definitely worry coque huawei p smart valentino rossi about them when coque huawei p30 lite liverpool they’re on coque huawei t3 7 the frontlines.

Thankfully, coque bob l eponge iphone 6 Aviva is offering free $50,000 group personal accident coverage to all eligible members of the SAF Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA), to give their families greater coque huawei p20 lite 3d animaux support peace of mind in these difficult times.

Here’s a quick rundown of how to ensure you or coque iphone 6 avec pomme apple your loved ones are adequately protected till the situation abates.

Frontliners get free group personal accident coverage

In true post National Day spirit, we coque huawei p30 lite liquide want to give mega props to all the teams that continue to serve Singapore beyond coque huawei y6 2017 amazon our 55th birthday.

Coping with the risks of accidents as part and parcel of a job scope is no easy feat. But our frontliners continue to hustle bravely in the face of uncertainty.

As thanks for safeguarding the nation especially amid Covid 19 challenges Aviva will extend a $50,000 coverage of up to coque plume huawei p8 lite 2017 6 months for their Group Personal Accident plans.

This means that all eligible Home Team SAF personnel will receive complimentary coverage as long as coque y6 huawei 2018 they register by 31 Aug 2020.

Covered huawei p9 lite coques for accidents anywhere in the world

In the event of a sudden fire, accident or death, we coque huawei p8 lite 2017 verte silicon rely on everyday heroes first responders to race to the scene.

But sometimes, unforeseen circumstances may lead to tragedies that are beyond our control. What we can do, huawei mate 10 lite coque gel however, is to ensure that we leave behind a semblance of stability in terms of funds for our loved ones.

Under this free plan which covers accidental huawei p10 lite coque clapet death disability, coque prison break iphone 6 the insured person will get:

24/7 protection from accidental death disabilityThis means that regardless of where their work takes them in the coque ananas iphone 6 world, they’ll be covered in the event of an emergency claim.

Supports road to recovery for rehabilitation

The long roads to recovery patients endure, have clear parallels to the battle against the aftereffects of accidents in Singapore…